Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Test-taking Strategies

Hi PG parents!

I know our 3rd, 4th and 5th graders are 3 days into their first round of PARCC testing for this year. Around testing time, students can start to feel some stress or anxiety over what will be on the test or what is expected of them. Of course, we want them to do their best, but we also want them to be AT their best so they can put in an optimal performance.

I was lucky enough to do test-taking Bingo in Mrs. Lynch's 3rd grade classroom. Bingo is always an enjoyable game and when we can tie a lesson or strategy into it at the same time, everybody wins! This particular version of Test-taking Bingo was purchased from Teachers Pay Teachers and gave a variety of strategies for students to consider when taking a subject area test or a larger state assessment such as the PARCC.

Some of the strategies we discussed from the game are listed below:

1. Eat a good breakfast.
2. Don't rush!
3. Answer all of the questions.
4. Reread your answer.
5. Read all the directions carefully.
6. Skip hard questions until the end.
7. Keep track of important dates.
8. Wear comfy clothes!
9. Take 3 deep breaths,
10. Get a good night's sleep.
11. Create a study routine.
12. Stay organized.
13. See your teacher for extra help.

There were many more we discussed and learned about but those were some of the most helpful we discussed! What do you do to help prepare your child for a testing situation? Are there any key pieces of advice you share with your children?

Good luck, PG students!

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