Monday, April 13, 2015

Personal Space Camp

Good Afternoon, PG families!

The sunshine today is such a welcome return to a new week at school. It's so uplifting to see bright classrooms, students running around out back and arriving home while it's still light out. Today, I wrapped up lessons in the Kindergarten classrooms about personal space. To frame this discussion, we read the book "Personal Space Camp" by Julia Cook as a class.

In the story, the main character, Louis, has trouble with maintaining personal space with his classmates. Louis is a self-proclaimed "outer space expert" and loves showing his peers how gravity works and how comets and satellites can crash into one another. Louis often forgets the importance of personal space and ends up crashing into his peers, interrupting his teacher and making others feel uncomfortable around him. He is sent to "Personal Space Camp" in the Principal's office. Louis quickly learns that he is not being sent to "outer space camp" but "personal space camp," where he will learn how much space he needs to give others, what a comfort bubble is and how our comfort bubble can become bigger or smaller depending on the situation. In the end, he becomes a "personal space expert."

Students discussed how our bubbles can be smaller with family and friends and bigger with strangers and new situations. They also practiced personal space by using a hula hoop to understand how big their bubble should be at school. For a fun challenge, we tried to fit 4-5 kindergartners in each hula hoop and students were able to see what happens when we invade others' personal space bubbles (i.e. we feel squished, lose our balance, feel uncomfortable, etc.). All the K students had a lot of fun learning about personal space and why it is important to practice at school.

Have a great last week before break!

Ms. Z

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