Thursday, May 21, 2015

My Mouth is a Volcano!

Today, I was able to spend some time in Ms. Anderson's 2nd grade classroom. We talked about interrupting and how it makes others feel when we do it. In the story, a young boy named Louis struggles with interrupting others. When Louis interrupts, he says it is his "volcano erupting" and that his "important words HAVE to come out!" When Louis has an opportunity to present in front of his class, he is interrupted by other students who are blurting out. He feels hurt and upset by this. His mother reminds him that "they might have volcanoes in their mouths too." Louis learns some strategies to keep his words in when he feels his volcano erupting: biting down, breathing in, and waiting his turn. Ms. Anderson's class came up with other strategies as well: having a quiet hand, taking deep breaths, sharing the words with someone else, and doing something to entertain themselves while they wait. We also discussed situations where it may be okay to interrupt the adults, such as: if someone is hurt, if there is a dangerous situation, etc.

Students are asked to ask themselves the following questions to decide whether it is an appropriate time to interrupt:
1. Is someone in danger?
2. Is someone hurt?
3. Did I try to solve the problem on my own?
4. Am I minding my own business?

This book was a fantastic tool to use with the 2nd graders and they truly enjoyed sharing their own thoughts on the subject. Another great day of learning here at PG!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Girl Power!

This spring, we were lucky enough to collaborate with the Burlington Youth and Family Services program to start a chapter of the Fit Girls program here at Pine Glen. The Fit Girls program emphasizes growth in self-esteem and positivity through the activity of running. For six weeks, Coaches Jess and Channing led 15 4th and 5th graders through running and training exercises to prepare for the Kick In for Kids 5k in Woburn. The girls completed the 5K this past Sunday and ran their hearts out! The girls will also be completing a community service/beautification project here at Pine Glen to spruce up the front of our school building by planting some flowers. Through the program, the girls became aware of their own strengths: athleticism, perseverance, fitness, commitment and pride. We are so proud of them for this accomplishment and are excited that the program will return to Pine Glen in the fall. Congratulations, girls!