Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Hello PG family and friends!

Recently, Mr. Lyons and I presented our school-wide behavioral model (ASK) to students. With our new mascot being the owl, we were able to have Wendy from the Science Center pay us a visit to introduce students to one of their gorgeous owls. During this assembly, we also introduced the ASK model. ASK stands for the following:

A - Appropriate
S - Safe
K - Kind

The goal of the program is for students to always STOP and THINK to themselves ASK: Is it appropriate? Is it safe? Is it kind? We will showcase the model in various places this year so students can understand how it applies to our school community and beyond. We started with the hallway. ASK in the hallway looks and sounds like the following:

Appropriate hallway behavior is:
Quiet voice / voices off
Quiet wave
Calm body
Keep our hands to ourselves (not on another person’s body or work)

Safe hallway behavior is:
Walking feet
Staying in line
Looking forward
Following the adult’s directions
Walk on the right side of the hallway
Keep your hands, feet and objects to yourself

Kind hallway behavior is:
Quiet wave to a friend or teacher
Keep personal space between you and the person in front of you
Hold the door for a friend
Keep the hallways clean and tidy

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Ned Show!

Hi Pine Glen Families!

The NED Show Website Logo.png
We were lucky enough to have a school-wide assembly today put on by the NED show. The NED show is a character education program that emphasizes the message of N-Never Give up, E-Encourage Others and D-Do your best so we can be champions in school and in life. The show’s message was taught through storytelling and yo-yo tricks. The show was free to the school and is funded through a pay-it-forward program of selling yo-yos after the show. If we are able to sell the yo-yos at Pine Glen, we can pay it forward for the NED show to go to another school for free. If interested, they left me a number of yo-yos to sell: The Ned Yo ($8), Boomerang ($10) and the Cosmic Spin ($15). Please note: It is NOT required for your child to buy a yo-yo. You may buy one if interested!

For the following dates, I will have yo-yos for sale right before dismissal at the end of the day. You can send cash or a check made out to Pine Glen School to pay for the purchase. Please bring in the exact amount for the yo-yo your child may want to purchase.

Thursday 11/5
Friday 11/6
Monday 11/9
Thursday 11/12
Friday 11/13

Any questions? Contact me at lzanotti@bpsk12.org. Thank you!

If you would like more information, please visit: http://www.thenedshow.com/

Lauren Zanotti